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Managing our emotional triggers with kidnap, hijacking and attempted rape at gunpoint survivor and trauma whisperer Janine Wirth

October 7, 2020

Janine Wirth aka the trauma whisperer is an internationally recognised trauma expert , licensed psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and coach specialising in helping women heal from unresolved trauma and emotional baggage without spending years in therapy. Janine in this episode speaks about her own healing journey after surviving a hijacking, kidnapping and attempted rape at gunpoint at age 18.

In this episode we talk about the connection between emotional baggage and how it shows up later in life , how those emotional wounds affect our romantic relationships and our careers, how we can rewire our thoughts and live a life free from past negative experiences and how we can live truly as our highest selves.

This is an episode all about healing and speaking your truth, and is so moving you will start thinking about your entire childhood and life differently. You ready? 

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