The Smart Girl Tribe Podcast

How to make millions as a very normal person and how to be financially smart as a woman with money expert Misty Lynch

September 2, 2020

Did you know the majority of women would rather talk about their own death than money?

Misty Lynch , the money expert busts money myths in this episode. She talks about the relationship you should have with money, breaks down all the money terms such as stock, bond and investment, and shares how you can get more more easily and also what you should be doing as a single woman to prepare financially for marriage or what your relationship with money should look like as a married woman.

Misty is a rockstar in this field and helps tons of very normal people make millions every year so we dive into that and the rituals the super wealthy have to keep up with their finances. Misty also answers my burning questions such as saving for a pension and how to work out how much of your income should be disposable but also navigating the current economic crisis and how to ease the blow. This is a golden episode and one that will actually give you the tools to help your wallet and money mindset. 

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