The Smart Girl Tribe Podcast

How to live intuitively and follow your gut when making life changing decisions with Emmy Vadnais

August 18, 2021

For a long time I have been living intuitively, before eating I ask myself what does my body want? I ditched my alarm in the morning so my body can guide how much sleep it needs and I have let my body decide what exercise I should be carrying out every day even if that means every morning for weeks I do yoga rather than running or a hit workout. I didn’t know intuitive living was a thing though until I discovered Emmy Vadnais. In our current society analytical thinking has been promoted over our intuition, especially as women which is exactly what I get into with Emmy.  We talk about the questions you should ask yourself to live intuitively, what to do if your intuition is telling you one thing but comes at the cost of disappointing others, including family and friends, the connection between your intuition and your dreams and consciousness and of course how to strengthen your intuition, how much of a role the universe plays in our intuition and how to not let our intuition get affected by the news that surrounds us everyday.



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