The Smart Girl Tribe Podcast

How emotions drive our decision-making processes and how to use kindness to succeed as a high performer with Tara Bradford

December 2, 2020

As you tribers know, I work with Harvard University as a female empowerment expert. The first time I spoke there I also met Tara Bradford, a speaker, mental health advocate and personal brand expert. No matter how many times I hear it, I always find Tara’s story so compelling, she began as a nurse and then at 30 realised she wasn’t living the life she was destined for, she packed up her bags, moved to New York City and became a certified high performance coach.

What makes Tara so different is her commitment to kindness and empathy in business,  just in time for the holidays you are going to learn how to become a wildly successful woman through kindness, the questions you should be asking yourself to figure out your values and the questions you should be spending the holidays going over to make sure you are living as your most authentic self in 2021. Tara is full of wisdom, she provides so many free resources throughout the episode and I have no doubt this is the episode you need to gear yourself up for the holiday season. 


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